Lioness Clubs are women's affiliates of the Lions Club International. Originally known as the Dundas Lionettes Club, we gained our charter in 1977 and became the Dundas Lioness Club.

Lioness Clubs assess the needs within their communities and respond with projects in healthcare, social services, environmental concerns, educational needs and various charitable works.

In addition to regular annual projects (see the "Events" page), the Dundas Lioness Club has:

• placed in area parks, playground equipment, especially for the handicapped
• sponsored a girls T-Ball team
• installed a sprinkler system in the Little League baseball diamond
• donated to Camp Dorset and Lake Joseph
• maintained a list of donations to be made at Christmas

Fish Fry & Dog Guides
Each year, we sponsor the Dundas Fish Fry. The proceeds raised go towards the sponsorship of a Dog Guide for both the blind and hearing impaired.
There are now six Dog Guide programs: Canine Vision Dog Guides, Hearing Ear Dog Guides, Special Skills Dog Guides (now called Service Dog Guides), Seizure Response Dog Guides, Autism Assistance Dog Guides and Diabetic Alert Dog Guides. The cost to raise and train a Dog Guide is approximately $25,000 but are provided at no cost to qualified applicants by the Dog Guides foundation.

We also do many service activities, such as citizenship court refreshments, food drives and public relations displays.

The prime reason for joining is for the opportunity to help others - individuals and the community. At the same time, you meet and become friends with others who have the same deep interest.

Membership also offers the chance to develop your leadership potential by taking an active role on committees and on the executive board of the club.

You will gain the personal satisfaction of knowing that the time and energy you have expended have helped others in need.

EXECUTIVE BOARD for 2016-2017

President - Sue Anne Dix
Recording Secretary - Jodi Cliff
Membership Secretary - Marie Kobolyinski
Recording Treasurer - Lise Perreault
Dinner Treasurer - Linda Carey
Membership Treasurer - Lise Perreault
Tail Twister - Sandy Coe
1st Vice President - Coleen Harrison
2nd Vice President - Chris Salt
Directors - Kelly Rodgers, Sandy Coe, Jo-Ann Smith

The wreath we lay during the
Dundas Remembrance Day ceremony

The annual Dundas Lioness Fish Fry seats 500
for the famous Knechtel's Lake Erie Perch dinner

2014 - A group from the Dundas Lioness Club visited the
Lions Foundation of Canada facility in Oakville, Ontario
to see where the Dog Guides are trained along with their recipients. They were given a demonstration from Rhonda (trainer) and Hal (golden retriever) on how much training
goes into raising a Service Dog.

Presentation of a $20,000 donation from us to the Dog Guides foundation, accepted by their own Julie Jelinek.

2015 - The Dundas Lioness went for a tour of the DogGuides Foundation and presented a cheque for $20,000. The funds were from the last two years of our annual Fish Fry. This donation made us one of the top 10 Lions Club donors in Canada for last year.

Previously, we have sponsored one Hearing Ear and four Canine Vision teams, with this being our first Service Dog sponsorship.

We had an awesome time at the Dog Guide and Handlers Graduation at the lions Foundatin of Canada in Oakville. We got to meet Laura, who is Lola's (the dog we sponsored) handler.

Laura has MS and was in a very bad way personally, physically and financially. When she looked into getting a guide dog, she was on a journey for self-preservation. We felt very good for helping out a person by sponsoring a guide dog.

All dog guides from the Lions Foundation are given to recipients of the different programs free of charge. There were eight people who graduated tonight, all through sponsorships, and each was able to receive a very well trained dog guide.

The newest ladies to join Dundas Lioness Club.
from left to right:
Kelly Rodgers, sponsor of Dianne and Jeanette Dawson;
Robin Parson and Liz Barrett sponsored by President Colleen Harrison.
Lion Rick Mallon did the honour of swearing them in.

2016 - Presentation of a cheque to the Dog Guides Foundation.
From left to right: Lioness Ruth Cliff, Dennis the vision canine, Lioness Betty Galley, Lioness Sandy Coe, Lioness Jodi Cliff, Lioness Jo-Ann Smith and from the foundation, Julie Jelinek

Dennis, the vision canine

2016 - Presentation of a cheque to the Dundas Museum & Archives.

Cheque to the museum for $5,000.

Plaque in the museum lobby.